Are you considering creating open plan living?

The trend for modern families is to have a lifestyle of open plan living. The busy renovation market continued through 2021, with 51% of homeowners renovating their homes.  Two in five homeowners increased the size of the kitchen and reframed, moved or added walls during renovations. The team at Convert Your Property have completed a large number of projects, over recent years, helping create open plan rooms which suit the busy lifestyle of the modern family.

What are the benefits of Open Plan Living?

Bring light into the house

In a home, open-plan living is one way to bind a kitchen, typically at the back of the house, with other rooms and the garden to create one large multi-functional and light-filled space. The nature of the design traditionally allows for light to travel all the way through the ground floor of a property, with no walls getting in the way and blocking its natural flow.

Create a multi-functional space

Another big tick in the open plan box is the multi functional nature of such a space. Of course, it’s a kitchen first and foremost, but it can be so much more than that; a place where friends or family can convene and converse (and keep you company while cooking); it’s also somewhere to actually eat – dining rooms are so last century – as well as serving as a living room, where the kids can play and the family can watch T.V together.

The Sociable Aspect

Having an open-plan home provides homeowners with a social space – an area that can be used for more than just preparing and cooking daily meals. Open plan rooms help to keep the family together and encourage greater communication and integration of lifestyles

If you are a host (or an entertainer) an open-plan kitchen is the dream – providing a space that you can use to socialise with guests whilst cooking as opposed to feeling isolated when cooking in one room whilst trying to juggle hosting skills and whipping up dishes simultaneously.


An open space, as well as looking bigger, provides opportunities for you to identify different zones, delegating space, whilst remaining open. Such an arrangement is ideal for larger families, allowing parents to keep an eye on children playing whilst they stay busy in the kitchen. Open-plan takes away the need for parents to be in ‘two places at once’.

Can you give me advice about open plan rooms?

With over 15 years managing Convert Your Property and having worked in the building industry all his life, Jim has a wealth of experience and ideas about how to develop your property into your home.  He will listen to your needs and requirements and then provide ideas and solutions.  Not everyone wants to have their whole downstairs as open plan rooms.  Some people still like to have a separate lounge or dining room.  Convert Your Property has a considerable amount of experience in developing properties across the North West into homes.  Whether you are looking to carry out an internal reorganisation or to add an extension or convert your property we can help you achieve your dream home.

To discuss your property’s potential for open plan living give us a call to organise a free no obligation quotation 0161 766 6518 or 0796 806 4939. Alternatively you can email us