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5 Things You Must Consider Before Hiring a Builder For Property Extensions Whitefield – Your Building & Construction Checklist

Whether performing essential maintenance and repairs, or extending and enhancing your property, all homeowners require the services of a builder at some point.

We’ve all seen the horror stories on TV and in newspapers about “cowboy builders”. But with so many builders out there, how can you be sure you’re choosing a good one?

Based in Whitefield, and working throughout Prestwich, Bolton, Bury and Manchester, Convert Your Property ( offer a wide range of building and construction services. Garage conversions, home extensions, window installation, paving – no job is too big or small.

They’ve produced this easy-to-use checklist to help you choose the right builder for your job – and to avoid getting ripped off…

Construction checklist for your Property Extensions Whitefield

1. What exactly do you need building or constructing?

Before you even speak to a builder, decide exactly what construction work you require. If you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for and what you expect from your builder, you can brief them more thoroughly, they’ll be able to give you a more accurate estimate of timescales and costs, and they’re more likely to produce work you’re happy with.

2. Does the builder have experience of similar jobs?

To ensure your builder is fit for your job, ask what similar projects they’ve carried out previously. And be sure to ask for testimonials from previous customers. Be very, very wary if they can’t provide you with customer testimonials – they could have something to hide.

3. How many projects do they work on at one time?

If your builder is working on several projects at once, it means they’re not giving your job their full attention – and if they’re prioritising another project ahead of yours, it’ll take longer to get the work completed. Don’t stand for this.

4. How many of their projects have passed building regulations?

You’ll want to ensure the quality of the work, so only choose a builder who’s had a high percentage of their work pass building regulations.

5. What sort of guarantee is offered? And for how long?

Even with the most experienced builders, and even with work that passes building regulations, things can unexpectedly go wrong. Ensure a lengthy and comprehensive guarantee is offered with their work.

If you live in Whitefield, Prestwich or Bolton, or anywhere else in the Manchester or Bury areas, consider Convert Your Property for your next building job.

They have extensive experience of many types of building and construction jobs, with glowing testimonials from delighted customers. They only work on one job at a time – meaning you’re always their top priority. 100% of their previous work has passed building regulations, and for your peace of mind a 10-year guarantee is offered.

Find out more on our website or contact us today.