Stop Dreaming About That Conservatory, And Make It Happen…

Wouldn’t you love a conservatory in which to relax, unwind and enjoy sunny days? Adding a conservatory to your house can also make it more attractive to buyers, ensuring a faster sale and higher value once you put your house on the market.These are just some of the reasons to choose to home extension Manchester.

Although building a conservatory may seem like a massive project, if you choose the right builder it can be a relatively speedy, hassle-free process.

Based in Whitefield, Convert Your Property have constructed conservatories and carried out a wide range of home improvements and building projects including home extension Manchester, Bury and Bolton areas. Here’s their quick conservatory checklist…

Conservatory checklist

Home extension manchester1. Decide exactly what you want from your conservatory

The first thing to do is to plan how you want your new conservatory to look. French doors? Victorian roof? Glass ceiling? There are so many options, so think carefully, and pick a style you like before contacting a builder.

2. Choose your builder wisely

Does your builder have previous conservatory experience? Can they provide testimonials from previous customers? Will they give you a thorough breakdown of the costs and timescales of the project? Will they be giving your project their full attention, rather than flitting from job to job? (Choose Convert Your Property and the answer to all of those questions is a resounding yes.)

conservatory home extension3. Fully inspect your new conservatory

So you’ve found a reliable builder, and they’ve delivered. But what if something’s not right? What if what you agreed and the end result are substantially different? If so, speak to your builder right away – a reliable professional builder will make sure it’s put right straight away. And if things go wrong years down the line, you may be covered by your guarantee. (Convert Your Property offers a 10-year guarantee on every project).

4. Enjoy your new conservatory!

Congratulations – you have a new conservatory! It’s time to furnish with tables and chairs, then just sit back with a drink and admire your garden in style and comfort.

Hassle-free conservatories with Convert Your Property

If you’re based in the Manchester or Bury area, why not find out how Convert Your Property can turn your dream conservatory into a reality? With years of experience of carrying out building and construction work across Whitefield, Prestwich, Bolton and beyond, and 100% of their projects passing building regulations, your project’s in safe hands with Convert Your Property.

Whether you’re looking for a new conservatory, garage conversion, house repairs or any other building or construction work on your house including house extension Manchester area, they can get it all done – on spec, on budget and on time. Visit our website for more details, case studies and testimonials from very happy customers. We’d love to help you with your home extension Manchester.