Looking for expertise on open plan conversion Manchester?

open plan conversion manchesterThe trend for modern families is to have a lifestyle of open plan living.  However many traditional houses still have separate rooms for the kitchen, dining room and lounge. This trend has resulted in the team at Convert Your Property completing a large number of projects, over recent years, creating structural openings.  By doing this our skilled builders can help create open plan rooms which suit the busy lifestyle of the modern family.

Why structural openings are key when creating open plan rooms

Creating open plan rooms for family living usually involves removing doors and sometimes walls too, as well as potentially increasing the width of doorways or openings.  As you may know the importance when making these changes is to ensure that the integral structural form remains stable. Some walls are just internal with no load bearing responsibilities so can easily be removed to create the open plan rooms you desire. However, other walls are key to the structural arrangement of the house, so will need added support if the wall is to be removed.  So it is important that when you are considering making considerable changes to the internal layout of your property that the structural openings are a key discussion point in your plans.  At Convert Your Property, we have a dedicated and skilled workforce who understand and are experienced in building regulations and structural work.

Can you give me advice about open plan conversion Manchester?

With over 15 years managing Convert Your Property and having worked in the building industry all his life, Jim has a wealth of experience and ideas about how to develop your property into your home.  He will listen to your needs and requirements and then provide ideas and solutions.  Not everyone wants to have their whole downstairs as open plan rooms.  Some people still like to have a separate lounge or dining room.  Here are some benefits to consider why you may like to create open plan rooms in your home:

  • open plan conversionopen plan rooms help to keep the family together and encourage greater communication and integration of lifestyles
  • open plan rooms allow parents or carers to cook meals in the kitchen whilst still keeping an eye on smaller children as they play
  • open plan rooms create a feeling of space so you don’t feel you are all getting in each others way
  • open plan rooms provide a large space for entertaining groups of friends and family – great for parties and get togethers for celebrations and festivities

open plan manchesterFor more information about the way we work watch a short video showing some of our completed jobs.

Convert Your Property has a considerable amount of experience in developing properties across the North West into homes.  Whether you are looking to carry out an internal reorganisation or to add an extension or convert your property we can help you achieve your dream home.

To discuss your property’s potential for open plan conversion Manchester and structural openings contact us or give us a call to organise a free no obligation quotation 0161 766 6518 or 0796 806 4939. Alternatively you can email us jim@convertyourproperty.co.uk.